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Education - "formal"

Don't let the word "formal" mislead you.  We aren't sitting around in black ties and floor length gowns, sitting in rows of desks silently reading - not allowed to interact with others.  Education is critical, and "practice how you play" is a real thing, but we are not formal education in the traditional sense. Our computer-based, teacher led, and peer tutored education sessions help our clients prepare for HiSET (formerly known as the GED in Missouri.)  If clients do not have a high shcool dipoloma, they must attend HiSET courses to receive any of our other services. We also provide academic support for post-high school, certificates, licenses or college coursework. If we can't teach it to you, we will find someone who can.

My name isn't important, but what I'm about to say can and will change your life if you want it to.   In 2016, a new teacher came to work at Missouri Eastern Correctional Center. 

MS Youngbauer, or as she was known, MS Y, became an example that some people on the outside want offenders to succeed. Working as a tutor, I was fortunate to work for MS Y. An opportunity for this "older" offender to learn some new math and refresh the old stuff long forgotten over the 40 plus years since I graduated high school.  MS Y's expertise in all math related sections, amazed me and her teaching skills are top tier. From one plus one, to polynomials, quadratic equations, and everything in between, she can teach it. Not only teach it, but work until a student understands it. I want to stress a very important trait, gift, whatever you want to call her abilities to teach, yet have compassion and an honest desire for any student obtain their HiSET, or college degree. If you want your HiSET, or degree, MS Youngbauer can and will help you reach that goal. I saw and overheard her go to bat with administrative "bosses" for her students. Whether getting them in her prep class, another chance on a messed up test, and even what was on the menu at HiSET graduation.


She can help in all subjects not just math. I admit, her passion is math.

I think I saw a tear in her eye when a student obtained his diploma. If the student had really struggled and passed and got emotional himself, well. . .


If you want to succeed and get your HiSET or college degree,  MS Youngbauer is your key to accomplish and earn that goal.


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