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These are the programs that give a person the Power to be their best self. One might even say this is where the magic happens.   Reentry St. Louis holds support groups throughout the week. Our clients are expected to attend at least one group session every week so they can "walk the walk" together.  Having a community of support is imperative to individual success. We also provide referrals for individual therapy/treatment.  The personal learning lab is where clients independently investigate themselves through mandatory completion of self-paced personalized modules for self-advocacy, self-worth, and societal success.  The modules include career exploration and goal setting.  There will be guest speakers, poets, and other performers.

I' don't recall if I told you before you left, but i was honored and moved emotionally and mentally to work for you.  It was truly an awakening that someone from the outside wanted offenders to improve their future.  Thank you for the opportunity."


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