Executive Directors

Executive Director & Director of Education Programs

Kathy Youngbauer is a certified Math teacher and the original visionary.  She spent the last 24 years in education working predominantly with “at-risk” students.  From 2016 to 2020 she worked at Missouri Eastern Correctional Center where she had the pleasure of teaching the most determined and grit filled students she ever taught.  While there, the stories she heard from her students taught her of the incredible need for employment and community support post prison.  She is full of inspirational stories from the prison, such as countless discussions about future plans where the following are examples of responses she regularly heard:

"I'd like to get my driver's license."                                     "I want to be a teacher."

"I just want to get a job so that I'm not poor."                    "I want to be a really good father."

"I want to own my own construction company."                "I'd like to start a nonprofit."

"I want to open a hair salon."                                               "I'd like to program computers."

"I'd like to find - you know, "The One" - that I spend the rest of my life with, like you and Mr. Y."

"I want to go to college.  What kind of scores do I need to get scholarships?"

“I want to be a law-abiding, employed member of society so that I can give back what I took.”

Kathy believes it was her directness that helped her connect to the men living at MECC. Since leaving the prison, Kathy, has received messages from coworkers and released prisoners thanking her for always filling them with hope and strength.

Assistant Director

Abby Youngbauer inherited her passion for helping “at-risk” persons from her mother, Kathy.  While Abby’s professional background is in short-term lending and life insurance, it is her personal lifelong struggle with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that have fueled her desire to work with Reentry Saint Louis.  A large percentage of people who end up in prison arrive there due to undiagnosed and/or unmanaged mental health disorders.  Her personal experience with recovering from mental health disorders has grown into a desire to help others who may be dealing with similar issues, especially those who lack the resources to obtain help on their own.

Director of Development and Employment Programs

Terri Davis has always been passionate about helping others become their best selves. It drove her first into education more than 30 years ago and then, once ensconced in corporate America, led her to positions in people management, and—most recently—learning and development. Terri has always seen education and the development of others as not only a way to help individuals realize their potential but also as a way to help society improve as a whole.

Being a mom to three grown children has only increased Terri’s interest in leaving them—and any future children they may have--with a society that is better than today’s. There is too much social injustice, too much inequity baked into our culture and our systems. Already looking for a way she could do something more, something beyond what she could accomplish in the professional roles she has held so far, to address these shortcomings, Terri was intrigued to hear Kathy’s ideas for a reentry program—particularly when Kathy asked her to help lead the Education portion of the program.

While it will undoubtedly be a challenge to help build a new nonprofit organization, it will be a delightful one because she will get to use her education/training background to help people more successfully reenter society—not only helping each individual person that comes through our program but also decreasing recidivism rates and building a better society as we do it. And, if she gets to use a bit of the business acumen and sales and marketing skills she has picked up along the way, then all the better!

Director of Empowerment Programs

Adam Kos has been employed in the hospitality industry for over 20 years and has a degree in Criminal Justice Administration with a focus on Biology, Sociology, and Psychology, along with a Class B Felony for Manufacturing and Distribution of Marijuana. Adam knows the struggles facing men and women upon release from prison, and he believes restorative justice cannot be achieved through the current treatment of former inmates. Restorative justice needs more than punishment to be effective.

Board Officers


President:                               Mark Youngbauer

Secretary:                               Maria Taylor

Treasurer:                               Barb Eveker                


Board Members:                   Clare Kujath



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