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Once upon a time, during a pandemic, the timing seemed perfect to start Reentry St. Louis - an idea that had been mulled over for several years.  It's been a winding road to get where we are today - a legitimate 501(c)(3). Although we are in our infancy, we have big dreams just like the countless folks that have been housed in correctional facilities.  The following are just a few of the future goals of the people that were, or still are, housed in correctional facilities:


                      "I'd like to get my driver's license."                                     "I want to be a teacher."

                      "I just want to get a job so that I'm not poor."                    "I want to be a really good father."

                      "I want to own my own construction company."                "I'd like to start a nonprofit."

                      "I want to open a hair salon."                                               "I'd like to program computers."

                      "I'd like to find - you know, "The One" - that I spend the rest of my life with, like you and Mr. Y."

                      "I want to go to college.  What kind of scores do I need to get scholarships?"

                      “I want to be a law-abiding, employed member of society so that I can give back what I took.”


Kathy Youngbauer  - Executive Director

Abby YoungbauerAssistant Director

Adam Kos Client Advocate

Board Officers

President:  Mark Youngbauer

Vice President:  Terri Davis

Secretary:  Maria Taylor

Treasurer:  Barb Eveker           

Board Members: Clare Kujath, Jackie Hibbler, Tim Reed

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